The official website of the Open Science Community Rotterdam is now live!

Have you heard of this community but you don’t really know what we do? On the Home page you can find our mission and scope.

Who are the members of our community? Click on People to find the member list and a brief description of their expertise. This section will rapidly be updated with new profiles, so make sure to check it out often!

Do you need help implementing open science practices in your workflow? The Tags section allows you to search who, within the community, has relevant expertise in open access publications, data sharing, reproducible analysis, and much more. Feel free to contact them for advice and collaboration!

Finally, in the News section we will communicate upcoming events, such as workshops and journal clubs.

This website is free and open source, built using R/RStudio and the blogdown package. As such, it can be freely cloned and modified to suit the needs of other communities. The source code can be found on GitHub. Many thanks to Oliver Lindemann for his invaluable help!