I am happy to announce that Daniël Lakens, Associate Professor in the Human-Technology interaction group at Eindhoven University of Technology, will give a talk at the upcoming DPECS colloquium, which will take place on February 11th at 15:00 in room T13-67 (Mandeville building).

Prof. Lakens is a long-standing adopter and proponent of open science practices. He is active on Twitter, has a very interesting blog called The 20% Statistician, and teaches two successful massive online open courses: Improving your statistical inferences and Improving Your Statistical Questions.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about how open science practices can increase the trustworthiness of the scientific output not only of psychological science, but also other fields. Don’t miss it!

Here is the abstract of this upcoming talk:

Improving Psychological Science

Daniël Lakens

Problematic research practices, such as publication bias where only positive results are published, have been pointed out in the scientific literature for over half a century. Recently, large scale replication projects have suggested that not all published scientific research is as reliable as we want it to be. Psychological science has been at the forefront of improving research practices, due to a traditionally strong expertise in statistics, combined with an interest in how people change behavior and respond to reward structures. In this presentation I will talk about some of the problematic research practices that have limited knowledge generation in the past, how to recognize them, their consequences for the reliability of research findings, and ongoing efforts towards better research practices that have been developed in the last eight years. I will summarize some easy to implement improvements in designing and analyzing experimental studies.


Antonio Schettino