I am one of two founder fathers of Erasmus Verbindt (a very proud one!), where I’m currently active as director. Next to that I’m a philosophy tutor at the Erasmus School of Philosophy (ESPhil), and in the hours that remain I (try to) study political science at the VU in Amsterdam and philosophy here at the EUR.

Over the past years I developed an interest in questions concerning science and society, specifically in Rotterdam. This was undoubtedly sparked by the taking shape of the Strategy2024 agenda of the EUR, with which I came into contact during my years in the ESPhil faculty board. The idea of taking social responsibility as an academic community resonated with us, and inspired us to start Erasmus Verbindt. Our aim is to mobilize the student community of the EUR in order help speed up the process of translating scientific insight into a meaningful impact.

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Max Wagenaar