Graduated in Medicine and Surgery, I work at the Department of Public Health of the Erasmus MC. Within the occupational health section, I am completing my PhD on the causes and consequences of mental health. With the Evaluation of screening section, I am developing a new research line on screening strategies for mental disorders.

I aim to have a societal impact, and I try to achieve this at multiple levels. I aspire to have a high impact on academia through excellent and innovative research. In addition, I want to be the type of scientist who takes time to explain to people and society the meaning and the importance of science. I am working on many online projects to raise awareness on mental health and fight the stigma for mental disorders, and promote scientific research.

I believe education is the base of our society in terms of health, social equality, and having a fulfilling life. Consequently, education is also the strongest weapon to improve society and people’s life. This is why I am actively trying to get into teaching. This is why changes in the education system are among the goals of the research project on students’ health I developed, and I want my research to serve as the basis for an evidence-based innovation.

I am very interested in social problems, such as social inequalities, refugees crisis, climate change, and gender inequalities, and I am always ready to play my part to improve myself, my environment, and society.

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Fabio Porru