My name is Daan and I have started as a PhD Candidate in Value-Based Organizing at the Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM) in 2021.

My research interest lies in how we can develop sustainable organizations, sustainably. This includes academic fields such as organizational sustainability, values and purpose management, and organizational change. I am mostly interested in investigating this research interest through mixed-methods or qualitative research.

My current involvement in open science is non-existent. I have no academic track record to speak of, nor have I had the opportunity yet to share my academic work. I have, however, worked on very practical research projects where I have been able to translate the research findings to actionable insights for the various stakeholders involved. I have done so through workshops, field manuals, and other written pieces.

I am a wholehearted proponent of open science practices and I am curious to learn more about how I, as a qualitative researcher, can set future-proof standards for my research and contribute to the ongoing dialogue of how we can do good research for better purposes.

CV and Contact Info

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Daan Peeters