I am a Development Studies researcher specializing in policy-making and local engagement within rural community-driven development (CDD) initiatives in the Global South, particularly focusing on rural China. My interdisciplinary approach integrates cultural and psychological insights into the analysis of these processes.

My research employs a mixed-methods framework, incorporating interviews, case studies, surveys, and field experiments. Currently, I am investigating how Chinese farmers are responding to the challenges of an aging society and exploring community-based solutions for elder care.

As an advocate for the Open Science movement, I actively promote its principles in the Global South. I have contributed as a section leader to the collaborative paper titled “Open Science in Developing Countries: A Collection of Practical Guides,” which is forthcoming in the journal Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science. Additionally, I am leading a research project focused on engaging hard-to-reach populations, aiming to form discussions on this topic and provide a practical guide for researchers interested in reaching and working with these groups.

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Zhiqi Xu