Who are we?

The Open Science Community Rotterdam (OSCR) comprises academics and support staff working at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) and Erasmus Medical Center (ErasmusMC). Our common goal is to discuss, learn, promote, and adopt open and transparent scientific practices at every stage of the research cycle, from the initial idea to the final product. For further details, please check out our Guiding Principles.

OSCR is part of the International Network of Open Science & Scholarship Communities (INOSC), including:

For more information, check out our introductory video and whitepaper. If you want to start a community at your institution, browse our Starter Kit.

Image by Anita Eerland, licensed under CC BY-ND 3.0.

Who can join OSCR?

All students and employees of EUR and ErasmusMC – at all career stages – are welcome! To keep a nice atmosphere, we ask you to abide by our Code of Conduct.

Why would you join OSCR?

Benefits include:

  • learn about open science practices by participating in our lectures and workshops (see News)
  • practical support to create your own event or initiative, have your expertise recognized, and increase your visibility
  • your own personal profile page (see People)
  • discover other members’ expertise and collaborate with them (see Tags)
  • sign-up to the OSCR mailing list, where we announce our events
  • access to our community on Microsoft Teams

How can you join OSCR?

Thanks for your interest! Please fill out this form with instructions on how to join. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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