Projects can be hard to manage sometimes and you may want to resort to older versions of the code you wrote for your project without having to create file copies all the time. This can especially be cumbersome when your collaborators want to access your code or run it on their data. This is where Git comes in, an open-source distributed version control system that allows you to create a timeline of your code so that you can seamlessly resort back to earlier versions. It does this in a way that allows you to easily collaborate with other researchers, even if both of you are working on changes to the same files.

This talk will be given by Eloy Geenjaar, a double degree MSc student at the Delft University of Technology and Engineering Research Assistant in the KNICR lab at the ErasmusMC. Eloy is finishing his thesis at the TReNDS center as a Graduate Research Assistant. His research focuses on the extraction of meaningful representations from fMRI, using deep learning techniques.

The event will take place on February 12th 2021 at 15:00 CET and will last 90’. An invitation email, including the Zoom link, meeting ID, and password, has been sent via the OSCR mailing list. If you are not part of the mailing list but would like to join, please contact Antonio.

During the Zoom meeting, please follow these guidelines:

  • wear headphones
  • mute your microphone
  • video is optional (in case of connection issues, you may be asked to turn it off)
  • pay attention to the moderator (which will be Elisabet)
  • if you have questions
    • click on the Raise Hand button and the moderator will unmute you; or
    • write down your question in the chat and the moderator will read it
  • avoid talking over each other and make sure that everyone can have their opportunity to speak
  • arrive 5 minutes before the beginning of the call, to familiarize with the online environment and solve possible technical issues

Please remember that attendees of every OSCR event (in-person or online) are required to follow our Code of Conduct.

Hope to see many of you!

Take care,

Eloy Geenjaar, Elisabet Blok, and Antonio Schettino