Policy & Project officer with a history as a researcher.

During my PhD at the UMC Utrecht Psychiatry department I gained experience in the entire research process from obtaining ethical approval, coordinating research visits, data analysis (mostly in R) to presenting findings. Next, as a senior research associate at the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit in Bristol, I participated in a UK wide network of social and biological researchers. The working culture at the MRC-IEU unit was very collaborative, putting into practice open science aspects such as data management, enabling re-use, involving society. So when I started as a project manager at the UU for a Dutch research consortium (Consortium on Individual Development), I wanted to foster a similar open culture especially towards society. I made sure societal impact was as visible in our website, newsletter, annual report as other research related activities. I also co-wrote a grant about harmonizing meta-data across several Dutch longitudinal child cohorts, Connecting Data in Child Development.

Currently, I work as a Project & Policy officer on the “Evaluating societal impact” project, part of the Erasmus University Rotterdam strategy 2024. Within our project I focus on research and connecting with faculties, a perfect opportunity to put my enthusiasm and experience with societal impact of research to use at the EUR. Feel free to reach out to me, certainly if you have suggestions or remarks related to societal impact!

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Lotte Houtepen