I am a PhD candidate in Health Economics at the Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management with a background in Economics (BSc at the University of Mannheim and MSc at the KU Leuven) and political science (MA at the KU Leuven). My research is funded by the Erasmus Initiative Smarter Choices for Better Health at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

In my research I use different types of large observational datasets – such as cross-sectional or longitudinal general population surveys – as well as administrative data, which I analyze using econometric techniques aimed at causal inference. In most cases these datasets are only accessible after signing a binding confidentiality agreement. While I am a great enthusiast of open science, this circumstance often prohibits me from making the data used in my research projects available to the public. I have tried to make up for this by creating reproducible research materials that can re-create the entire project workflow from raw data to published results conditional on obtaining access to the original data.

By joining OSCR I hope to learn more about open science areas I have not yet been involved in myself, to further improve the reproducibility of my ongoing projects and share my experiences with implementing open science principles when not all parts of a research project can be shared.

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Jannis Stöckel