You might have seen my name pop up as Chair of the University Council at Erasmus University Rotterdam. But besides this role I also teach as a tutor at the Department of Public Administration and Sociology.

Over the past years my interests in International and European Governance grew towards the field of diplomacy and specifically international negotiation. In 2018 I founded The Young Diplomat, the idea is to allow students and young professionals from every background to gain essential skills and grow their network. Because in order to achieve a more equal, just and inclusive world, people from all different social economic backgrounds need to have the same opportunities and access to networks and skills development. I am especially interested in and focused on:

  • Political and Diplomatic strategy (development and application)
  • (International) Negotiation, with a focus on applying strategies through the use of soft and hard power
  • Operational Codes, a method of analysis of actors, institutions, or states to better understand their actions, positions, strategies, approach to problems and how they develop solutions
  • Agenda setting and policy development within institutional processes, especially within the European Union, the United Nations, and NATO

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Hans van den Berg