Broadly defined, Open Science aims to make the products of scholarly investigation accessible to as many people as possible. In empirical sciences, one of these products is data analysis. How can you build your analysis pipeline in a way that can easily be inspected, so that results can be reproduced both by novices and experts? With R, of course! 😄

The OSCR is happy to announce an online workshop entitled A Tour Around the Tidyverse World. Below the announcement:

A Tour Around the Tidyverse World.

June 24th 2020, h. 14:00 CEST, duration 90’.

Paloma Rojas Saunero, PhD student at the Department of Epidemiology at Erasmus MC and RStudio Tidyverse Certified Trainer.

Anyone who analyzes data and wants to improve their skills in R.

During this workshop you will learn:

  • What is the tidyverse and differences with base R
  • How to clean and transform your data with dplyr
  • How to use the pipe %>% operator
  • What is tidy data and how to make your raw data tidy
  • The ggplot grammar

You can access and use the materials for this workshop in two ways:

  • use RStudio Cloud, a cloud-based version of R and RStudio available through your browser. The link will be provided at the beginning of the workshop. A free account is necessary: sign up here.
  • work directly on your computer:
    • install a recent version of R (at least v3.6) from CRAN
    • install a recent version of RStudio IDE (at least v1.3), available on the RStudio website
    • in RStudio, run the following command in the console: install.packages(c("tidyverse", "here"))
    • download the workshop materials from this GitHub repository

An invitation has been sent to researchers in the OSCR mailing list. This email includes the link, meeting ID, and password of the video call on Zoom. If you are not part of the OSCR mailing list but would like to join, please contact Antonio.


  • wear headphones
  • mute your microphone
  • video is optional
  • pay attention to the moderator (which will be Antonio)
  • if you have questions
    • click on the Raise Hand button and the moderator will unmute you, or
    • write down your question in the chat and the moderator will read it
  • avoid talking over each other and make sure that everyone can have their opportunity to speak
  • arrive 5 minutes before the beginning of the call, to familiarize with the online environment

Please remember that attendees of every OSCR event (in-person or online) are required to follow our Code of Conduct.

Hope to see many of you!

Take care,

Paloma Rojas Saunero and Antonio Schettino